Home Away From Home

I have found bliss. Family. Friends. And the most incredible energy and feeling of love in this place.

La Ruka Hostel in Puerto Viejo is truly a gem. The people. The atmosphere. The energy. You simply can't leave this place without longing to come back. I'm one to talk. I've stayed there almost every free weekend I've had since being down here. And trust me... that's a lot! Even now that I have my own place, I still find a reason to stop by and hang out.

Here I have found some of the most incredible people who welcome me home every time I walk through the gates. The hugs and kisses are in abundance. These people are truly enlightened and empowered and share their love with everyone.

I have had the opportunity to celebrate the full moon with the Mayan traditional Chocolate Ceremony. They have random jam sessions and family dinners. Not to mention everyone is happy to go out on the town with you and dance like crazy!

So if you are ever in Puerto Viejo, please, do yourself a favor and stay with them. And I promise, you will not only leave with friends from all over the world, but you will leave with a new found feeling of love and inspiration.


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