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Lucky Girl

I live in paradise.
I don't think I've ever been this happy in my life. And no, I haven't found love down here (insert eye roll).. Unless you consider my love for this place and the friends I have found in it. Because, that I have found.
I don't know what I did right in my life, but somehow I ended up in one of the most beautiful and friendly communities in Central America. I feel so unbelievably blessed I cannot even put it into words. 
There are many ups and downs to this place though. Yes, the natural beauty and vibes are intoxicating. But life here is not for the faint at heart. Spending a short time here may not seem like enough, but an extended period can be too much for some people. It is very easy to just get lost in the everyday parties and celebrations and completely forget about work and sleeping. This I have learned from experience. 
Managing time and sleep is extremely important. The people who call this place home have it down to an art. Since this is su…

Home Away From Home

I have found bliss. Family. Friends. And the most incredible energy and feeling of love in this place.

La Ruka Hostel in Puerto Viejo is truly a gem. The people. The atmosphere. The energy. You simply can't leave this place without longing to come back. I'm one to talk. I've stayed there almost every free weekend I've had since being down here. And trust me... that's a lot! Even now that I have my own place, I still find a reason to stop by and hang out.

Here I have found some of the most incredible people who welcome me home every time I walk through the gates. The hugs and kisses are in abundance. These people are truly enlightened and empowered and share their love with everyone.

I have had the opportunity to celebrate the full moon with the Mayan traditional Chocolate Ceremony. They have random jam sessions and family dinners. Not to mention everyone is happy to go out on the town with you and dance like crazy!

So if you are ever in Puerto Viejo, please, do you…

Life in the Jungle

It is now 2014. I still can’t believe it.

As I sit in my new “Jungle House,” completely disconnected, I really cannot believe this is my life right now.. Out here I have no wi-fi, no A/C, no hot water, yes I do have electricity and running water, though other so-called luxuries are lacking. But frankly, it’s not that bad. And I have to say… I kind of like it. Honestly, I was quite nervous the first night. Up until now, I have never even lived by myself in the states, and now I’m out in the jungle of Costa Rica on my own. Talk about a challenge. The first night was kind of hard for me because I’m used to at least being able to watch Netflix or check Facebook when I got bored, but out here it’s only me and my thoughts. Let’s just say I’ve already finished one book… and I only brought 5.
It really is nice though. The property is absolutely beautiful. Very secluded. Many people today are afraid to be left alone with their own thoughts. And it is kind of scary at first, but after a while …