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Freezing Time

I know that there always comes a point in ones life/travels where it is time for them to move on. Time to close this chapter. Time to take on the next adventure that lies just around the corner. But honestly, right now I just want to freeze time. 
Sloth inside La Ruka Hostel
I want to capture all those special little moments I've had with my friends here so that I can keep them forever. 
Pirate Trivia - Tasty Waves Cantina
I want to be able to go back to those nights I tore up the dance floor at The Lazy Mon, rocked an air band rendition of Journey's epic anthem Don't Stop Believing at Tasty Waves, or just spent my afternoons with the best of friends out at Playa Cocles.  
Karaoke Night - Tasty Waves Cantina
There have been so many times I've said, "Remember this moment" in the back of my mind. Like the times I would see my friends after a long time apart and get the biggest hug and kiss on the cheek you could imagine. Like sitting outside TW with friends jus…

Traveling through Costa Rica

Hopefully up to now, you have gotten a pretty good idea about Costa Rica and what I am doing down here for the time being. And even further, I hope that you are strongly considering a trip to this beautiful paradise I have been blessed to call home for the last year. Whatever your situation, I hope to provide you with some honest information regarding travel in Costa Rica and experiences with the Tico culture.
First of all, Costa Rica isn’t necessarily cheap. Yes, some things such as fresh produce are much cheaper, but the luxuries are not. Gas is quite expensive and clothes and beauty products are comparable, if not more, than you would pay in the States. For accommodation, you can generally stay somewhere as cheap as $10 per night (depending on where you are) or as expensive as $300+ per night. My suggestion is that if you plan on doing excursions and having cultural experiences just get a cheap room or stay at a hostel because, let’s be honest, you won’t be spending that much time…