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Turri Town

I'm going to miss this place. As much as we complained about this town over the last 6 months and tried to get out every weekend we could, it really was a great place to live.

I'm going to miss the Central Valley rain. The afternoon downpours that made for the perfect nap. Seeing the Turrialba Volcano puffing smoke on a clear day. Smelling the scent of fresh cut grass and rain. Even the lights from the houses in the mountains sparkling like Christmas lights at night. I'm going to miss being surrounded by beautiful mountains and landscapes that literally take your breath away. All these things made for perfect bike rides to the grocery store, walks or runs around campus, and even bus rides in and out of town.

Turri Town may occasionally be referred to as "Terrible," but I do have to say that it is a perfect, quiet, safe, country town. So the night life isn't all that great, who cares? The people are absolutely incredible. And you are surrounded by natural beau…