What's in a name

As a brand new blogger, I took quite a bit of time in deciding on a name for this blog. I didn't want it to be insignificant, but meaningful and well thought-out. So here's the breakdown...

Why Green?
The color green is said to be soothing and calming to the eye. It is often used in decoration of hospitals and classrooms simply because of its relaxing qualities. For my purposes, it represents the calmness and sacredness of nature and sustainability. It is often used as THE color for eco-efforts and environmentally friendly projects. Costa Rica is a very 'green' community. Their sustainable efforts are recognized worldwide and set standards for many other nations. So naturally, this was a good choice for me.
Green also just happens to be the color of my beloved alma mater, the University of North Texas! GO MEAN GREEN!!!

As for the leaf...
I chose the leaf for a few reasons, the first being that a single leaf is said to be the symbol of happiness and bliss. It is such a small item, but when looked at very closely you find beautiful patterns and colors. To me, all this makes me happy. I love the leaves of all seasons and how they change throughout the year. Also, I see a leaf as something that is a part of a much bigger whole. One leaf alone is interesting and complex, but when put with many others it becomes something much larger and more wondrous to behold. I have been so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family who support me and help me shine. There is no way I would be where I am without them.

The diaries part of the title is pretty self explanatory...
I really just wanted a word that would encompass all that I intend to include in this blog. No, it's not going to be all about my love life. What little there is in that category, I prefer to keep secret. But I'm hoping for this blog to be a mixture of my thoughts in preparation for, and while in Costa Rica as well as some of my studies.

That's all for now, thanks for reading again!
Happy Halloween!
AND tomorrow marks 8 months to Costa Rica! eek!


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