Turri Town

I'm going to miss this place. As much as we complained about this town over the last 6 months and tried to get out every weekend we could, it really was a great place to live.

I'm going to miss the Central Valley rain. The afternoon downpours that made for the perfect nap. Seeing the Turrialba Volcano puffing smoke on a clear day. Smelling the scent of fresh cut grass and rain. Even the lights from the houses in the mountains sparkling like Christmas lights at night. I'm going to miss being surrounded by beautiful mountains and landscapes that literally take your breath away. All these things made for perfect bike rides to the grocery store, walks or runs around campus, and even bus rides in and out of town.

Turri Town may occasionally be referred to as "Terrible," but I do have to say that it is a perfect, quiet, safe, country town. So the night life isn't all that great, who cares? The people are absolutely incredible. And you are surrounded by natural beauty at every corner.

Just today I was invited by my trainer to go to a CrossFit session in La Suiza (just outside of Turri). It was at his house in the mountains, and let me tell you.. the views were amazing. It was by far the best way to spend one of my last days in this part of the country. We got rained on, as is to be expected, and it only added to the experience. I was with other athletes who encouraged me and laughed with me when I slipped in the mud. It was one of those experiences you don't really expect. They just get brought to you, and you have to be willing to take them and enjoy it. I'd call it a true Costa Rica experience. It wasn't planned or structured. Just natural.

This place is seriously intoxicating. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to be home for a bit, but I really will miss everything here. The people, my roommates and classmates, neighbors, CATIE friends, and professors. Everyone here has made this an experience unlike any other.

Fortunately I get to come back to Costa Rica in January for my internship :)


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